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SX-12 Lockdown with brush head is SO annoying


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Apr 18, 2017
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Trace Coulter
I recently spent a thousand dollars on an sx12 because it has a brush head, and I need it when I do travertine jobs. This is the only reason why I bought it, as I already have a spinner with a teflon edge that I like using. But this sx 12, even with the 3 little tiny holes open, sucks down to the tile way too hard! It was soooo taxing. You can't even push it forward. Also, if you aren't careful, it will suck down while it is spinning and the jets will Mark up whatever surface you are cleaning. How did they not notice this problem during testing. Any suggestions? Aside just drilling some holes.

Jim Davisson

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Aug 23, 2016
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James Davisson
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Put a plastic in line vac hose coupler near your tool and start drilling holes in it to reduce lift to your tool. I ran my turbocat for years like that with my one speed CDS, wide open or nothing. Works great and is a $2 fix.
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