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Time For Change


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Apr 23, 2018
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Michael Stevens
I’m glad it doesn’t say carpet cleaners should read it!
Aug 22, 2018
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Ian Harper

Thats because we moving into a new world where hygiene will become important. do you know how much antibiotics goes into meat production? just part of the problem. UK has taken stopped the use of one so it has it for humans only.

Science does not work if we dont use it. just take a look at any carpet cleaning product range and you see these prevention products.

also its taken for granted that as cleaners we practice cleaning hygiene. its part of cleaning, one of the reasons i dont like before and afters is that they send the wrong message that cleaning is only about looks.

The clean air in homes was just the start and early to the game. (with asthma also being an area that we should serve.) The Press does not help with its scare tactics. education is the way to introduce this to people.

With all the advancements going on in the world people are more open to new ideas. As the report says in the develop world hygiene is not longer about washing hands, we got that message forward motion can only come from more education about hygienes and stopping these bugs.


Do you know how many people died after the first world war from that flu?



Ian Harper

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