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Jim Davisson

Well-Known Member
Aug 23, 2016
Serving the greater Charlotte area
Real Name
James Davisson
Business Location
United States
I'm just an old fish bum that just happens to love to clean. I've spent 85% of my life's wages chasin big fish... the rest I just wasted. Grew up on a 50 year old fishin resort on the Chippewa river in northern Wisconsin, ridin BMX and MX when I wasn't drifting down a river. Last weekend we whacked the big drum in Oriental NC on the dusk to Dawn shift. 14 old drum in 2 nights, these fudgeers dump half a spool on an Abu 7000 on the first run.... It's electric!

This was a double, twin 46" fish both on butterflied pinfish caught under my boat as we pounded beers at the mouth of the Neuse River where it meets the Atlantic.


I really live for running up skinny water to catch big striper and flatheads when the other guy puss's out the first time they run the boat aground and turn around, because if it was easy or safe it's not very fun or rewarding. I try to live life by the drop...


Active Member
Apr 11, 2013
Real Name
Dan Ziegler
Very cool Jim...We are so opposite and our comon ground is cleaning...Your handy. me..worthless as tiets on a boar....You love fishing and in 61 years have never cleaned a fish...LOL
back in my yute I would get off work at 6:30am, grab a 6 and my ulta lite and head to the creek...Old shoes, cutoffs, tie the 6pk. with a rope to my belt loop so it would be in the water and walk the creek for small mouth...4hrs. would pass in a hour.