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windsor sensor xp


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Jul 14, 2008
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Jaime Fabara
Ok guys let me tell you I have been using the senso xp for on and off, and let me tell you I HATE IT.
worst vacuum i ever used.
many things wrong;
  1. it never picks up the debris in one pass, when others vacuum can do it. I think it is because the brush is electronically adjust by it self so the belt won't break.
  2. the filter bag never seal perfect so a lot of dust escape before going to the filter bag, then go to the micro filter.
  3. the filter after the motor is a joke plain and simple just a little very thin sponge, that shiot does nothing in there
  4. if you are not careful you might pinch the bag in one size.
  5. under power
  6. the wand is not easy to put it back,
  7. heavy
  8. it doesnt work
So guys keep away from windsor

Mike Krall

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Apr 24, 2013
New York
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Mike Krall
Sounds like the Windor's I've used in the past, junky.

I wanted to try their upright scrubbers but their products don't seem that great.