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    Just starting

    I've heard of people using steel wool?
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    Just starting

    I've been subing out window cleaning for awhile for my janitorial company. Wondering what type of cleaner most of you use as I'm going to try and start doing it myself. Thank you for any help
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    Any body try

    Any boxy try omega zyme from bonnet pro yet?
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    You pick the next MiniMax color

    I like my yellow one but damn that black looks sharp I think I will have to say black
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    Gel Break

    I have been using Hel Gel from vacaway along time and never had any problems with it also been very impressed. Had to order some odds and ends from interlink the other day and decided to order some Gel Break to try and just wanted to know what others thought of it.
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    Gel Break

    anyone use gel break from BP wondering how it performs compared to other kids of citrus gels?
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    Can John K @ BonnetPro...

    When I get a minute i will take some pictures of my mini max this weekend but I love the machine and very glad I bought it. I also cant wait for the release of the mule as I want one of those also.
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    Pro's Choice Extreme Clean

    There is a lot of good presprays out there so many I cant even count its always fun to try new stuff. I have used XC a lot always with excellant success find yourself something that you like the smell of and works and keep it in your rotation I have a few presprays that I use and switch them up...
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    Any no odor presprays?

    some interlinks have it or all jondons do.
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    Any no odor presprays?

    I would say that the only way to go when it comes to a customer with this kind of need is masterblend responsible care line safe for everything.
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    Fire Storm

    Any one try the new firestorm from Pros Choice yet got my free sample today just waiting for something trashed to try it on. Just wondering if anyone tried it yet?
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    Use Wool.....It's Cool! Introducing WOOLPYS for Encapsulation

    I thought the price was going to be higher John after using theses I think that this is a great price for these.
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    Citra Solv

    Citrus Solv I always avoided adding citrus solv and products like it to my prespray unless I needed as I thought they caused resoiling but now Bridgepoint has it in Bio Break and Flex Powder and I really like the products. Am I wrong does it not cause resoiling?
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    Bio Modifier Extreme from bridgepoint

    So I have been playing with this for the last week or two and really love the smell but I have not had a severe odor problem yet so I cant say whether or not it works on cat urine or severe dog odor any one having success?