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    Unfortunately I won’t be at the Exp trade show…

    Rob, so sorry to hear about your sister's passing and your brother's illness. I appreciate this forum and all you do for us fellow wand pushers! Looking forward to meeting you son and his wife at the expo
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    Today is an extremely sad day

    Rob, so sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like you will have great memories and you know in your heart you made a beautiful contribution to her life by taking care of her for the last 30 years. Well done!
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    Matrix all fiber rinse

    It's specific to California. This label is put on just about everything.
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    Cleaning my rug shop floor with 4000 psi, 8gpm @250º and Groutmaster live

    Mama Fen, I'm in the market for another surface cleaner. I would love to pm you if the offer stands for us "onlookers". Thanks!
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    Porous Sandstone has suntan oils all over it

    Go to Smart N' Final and get a gallon of their oven cleaner. Spray it on, let dwell, and rinse. I clean a wedding venue a couple of times a month and the caterers are constantly spilling grease and cooking oil on the brick patio. It works!
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    Prespray damaged rubber baseboards

    Ok, that sounds good. I'll try armor all and give it a shot before replacing. Thank you for your input!
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    Prespray damaged rubber baseboards

    I got a call saying that their baseboards look stained after we had cleaned their carpets. I haven't seen the damage yet, but does anyone have a solution to fix the damage?? Thanks.
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    Brushpro and Strongs CRB's . . .

    Sorry I wasn't very clear. I guess my real question is if anyone knows where I can purchase renovators for my 20" Brushpro.
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    Brushpro and Strongs CRB's . . .

    . . . are they the same machine?? Are the parts interchangeable?? Bottom line-I need a set of renovators for my 20" brushpro. Any ideas where I can get a set??
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    Fraudulent Practices by Aztec/Interlink Financial

    Sorry you are going through all this. I have been dealing with Aztec for several years now and have never had any difficulties. At times, they seem a bit slow in getting back to me, but they always do. Good luck to you in the future!
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    What are your go to products for slate?

    I'm in So. Cal. We have Hard Rock (floor tools and supplies) and Routley Enterprise (carpet cleaning supplies).
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    What are your go to products for slate?

    I use StonePro cleaner and color enhancing sealer-great results!
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    stolen work van part 2

    Yes I did. They will cover a portion of the equipment, but not even close...