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    Small Personal Pressure Washer

    I'm shopping around for a pressure washer with the following criteria: - Intermittent use around once per month - Small, only requires cleaning small areas or spots on asphalt and sidewalk - Powerful If anyone has suggestions please shoot me a response, thanks!
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    Trying to make cleaning easier and quicker

    I've never used that machine, but have heard from others in the industry that the small rotary buffing type machines never work well. To echo others in here, at that price point and size there's a slim chance it will make cleaning easy and faster - especially walls and air vents.
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    Late Fees

    We charge a percentage of total bill. As others stated, definitely include a late fee clause in your contract and invoice, as well as a right to reasonable legal fees to collect past due payments in your contract. Is this a large account? Have you had communication with the client? What have...
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    FB $570.00 a year for membership for the...

    Probably not, we don't have a membership there. We just recently got one from D&B though... and have some buyer's remorse.
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    Commercial Vacuum

    We use three different levels of vacuums: ProTeams for high end/high volume clients - this includes clients who prefer we use ProTeams, or if we're providing porter services while facility is open and they want something more professional looking. About $300-$400. Oreck for medium volume...
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    Lets talk steam

    A steam cleaner has tremendous benefits to cleaning restrooms and other commercial spaces, and is highly effective. The hot pressurized steam kills bacteria and removes soils from surfaces and floors easily. It takes a lot of the elbow grease out of the job, and yields outstanding results. Of...