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    Dynachem DC534 mix tank for Rinse Chemicals

    So, we have a Dynachem DC534 truckmount, and I was wondering if anyone has the same model and how they mix and use their rinse chemicals. i.e. RSF Alkaline Rinse
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    Locating Urine

    What are your methods of locating urine in carpet when the carpet hides it well? I've had a few jobs the last two weeks where I could not see the staining of the urine, but could definitely tell it was there due to smell. I applied a topical treatment to the entire room, and was notified the...
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    TFM Store Training videos

    I have been thinking about purchasing some of the training videos on the TFM store. Primarily the urine and rug cleaning on a budget course. I was asking if anyone has used these classes and could provide any insight on the benefit of paying for these classes. Thank you.
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    Cleaning 4,000 sq ft of tile and ground on the walls.

    what tile cleaner do you suggest best for the walls? Are you able to post a link? I’m new to the forum!
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    Cleaning 4,000 sq ft of tile and ground on the walls.

    I’ll be cleaning a big commercial building where we have 4,000 sq ft of tile and ground on the wall and 9,000 sq ft on the ground, and was hoping anyone could provide me with some tips and best equipment for this massive tile job.