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    what do you REALLY BELIEVE ? ? ?

    You was told by Rob he was eliminating all political threads except one And this one is not it
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    Is it really not as effective to have a portable unit vs one mounted in a van?

    Portables have their purpose and level of effectiveness, under no circumstance will I ever use a portable to substitute a truck mount unit where the truck mount unit is well capable. on the other hand truck mount units have their limitations, distance would be one limitation, in that case...
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    How important is reviews in business?

    To the business owner, I would say it’s important to a reputable business that wants to offer great services or products and care about their business and clients, most of the time if you have that in mind, you will receive great reviews which will help your business grow, to the business that...
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    Hobbies Outside Of Our Businesses

    I love paintball, indoor soccer, This might be considered work but I really enjoy detailing my vehicles
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    Plastic protector removal

    I would do all the above, I would also try in combination with solvent and a scraper, I would try a floor scrubber 175 with a stiff pad, black or maroon . As you scrub you can scrape I would also spray some wax stripper for good measure
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    Cleaning apartments, with ALL stains, pet treatments, repairs, dies, PATCHS, STRETCHS, ETC inc, in the price of under $100?

    I’m tempted to say that it depends on how often they call you and how many bedrooms, and if carpeted living and dining room, but as I sit here typing, I’m realizing there’s no way in hell I would do all that for 95.00 flat fee. No way bro. Value your time and equipment, 13 years ago I started...
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    What's your view of few political leaning posts here?

    I fail to see how THIS very post will affect our livelihoods one way or the other, but since you are asking , yes open it back up,
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    What's your view of few political leaning posts here?

    Talking about I’m taking my ball and going home.... sad....
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    Prochem Everest EFI

    Good news , I was able to find the stainless steel HXers. I have a lot of information regarding the HXers and the installation that will save you time and money. Replay if anyone wants some info
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    Best carpet cleaner/ extractor

    Oxifreshguy why a Nissan thou?? I just got me a 2019 promaster 3500 extended high roof. I loves me my new promaster. My tm installer told me these are the easiest vans to install a tm into. I was there when he was hooking up the gas hose. These vans come with an extra nipple to clip the gas...
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    How my heat exchanger blew

    Thank you. I called them this morning and I’m working on a few options since Sammy hasn’t fabricated a HX that small. But I’m hopeful.
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    Prochem Everest EFI

    I have that exact machine. Got it brand new in 07. I love that machine, it’s a work horse and puts out amazing heat and has unbelievable suction. I haven’t had the need to replace too many parts on it but I see them all the time on eBay amazon Jon don interlink . I’m having trouble finding...
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    How my heat exchanger blew

    Bummer, Replacing heat exchangers is expensive. I have a Prochem Everest efi 06 last model with Nissan engine. I’m on my second round of HXs because I decided to cheap out and purchase 3 copper HX instead of 2 stainless steel and 1 copper HX. Does anyone have any info on where I can purchase...
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    machine causes van to get excessively hot

    I have a efi Everest. I used to run it with the covers on since new for the first 2 to 3 years until the computer melted. I been running it with covers off for the past ten or so years always with double doors open and windows rolled about half way down and obviously the sliding door open...