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    TMT Unit - Trailer with Hoses Optional

    I have an older TMT trailer set up available. I took the truckmount out and placed it on a pallet if you would like to purchase just the unit. I have attached a couple of pics of the truckmount. It does need a new pressure pump as this one has a small crack in it. It holds PSI pretty good up...
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    Chevy 3500 with 2016 Prochem Peak (Harrisonburg Va)

    Is this still available
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    new Ford Transit 250 plus Sapphire 370SS truckmount

    What is your asking price?
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    Variety of Hard Surface Equipment

    My son put this on Ebay for me, link below. I came across this in a Janitorial Company sell. It would just collect dust in my van as I have these items and backups as well. All the tools are in really good shape.
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    Business Opportunity - Anderson SC

    I have a customer that has a few locations in Anderson SC that called me today seeking a quality Tile and Grout Cleaner. If you or someone you know, offering a quality job, please contact me via email at [email protected] I have serviced four locations locally every other month which also led...
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    Problem Upholstery - Seeking Help

    I was out the last time I cleaned these. It helps a lot. Gonna make sure I have it when I go back in June. I am thinking some of the area I am having problems with may be slightly frayed from the edge of the bus tubs rubbing against them. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    Problem Upholstery - Seeking Help

    I have the protector ready. Just wanting to make sure I can get the best clean possible. Thanks for your time to respond. Tilemaster on upholstery? I haven't ever tried something like that. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    Problem Upholstery - Seeking Help

    I have this account that I have been working for years. I clean the tile and grout and the upholstery. Most locations are easy because I have encouraged the management to keep the bus boys/employees from setting their buckets on the upholstery chairs and booth backs. However, one location cant...
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    Opportunity in Austin, Texas - Need Help?

    I currently service a very good customer in my area who now has multiple locations in the Austin, Texas area needing the same services. He is looking for Tile and Grout Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning. Each location is serviced on a quarterly basis. It takes me and one helper about 3 hours...
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    Powerclean Freedom XT owners/help with info

    I have two Freedom XT units. One with a 47 blower and one with a 36 blower. Looks like it would be a simple change. I have had no problems with either unit, although I have only had the 47 blower unit a few months.
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    Take a look at this, then give some advice.

    I did nothing further with this. The facilities manager at the bank was ok with it, so I left it alone. It is quite old and may be replaced soon. The overall appearance of the carpet looks pretty good. The facilities manager said they dyed it because it did not match their overall scheme and...
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    I dont care so much for a challenge as much as I would like to compare the results of your machine to mine. If I can offer a better service and be more productive, I am all for it. Let me know if you ever get through Jackson, Mississippi. Tim
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    The Master Touch Equipment Package

    I originally started a little over four years ago with one of those overpriced TMT units. Back then they were only selling the CFI 2000 units which is much smaller than the 3000 psi units with the Roots 45 blower on it. While TMT does offer these units at a much higher price, they do provide...
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    Heat for Tile/Grout Cleaning?

    Your losing your heat due to the tool being used and the higher psi. On carpet, you arent using near as much water allowing the heater to more effectively heat your water. Heat on Tile & Grout Cleaning is a big benefit on jobs that have heavy buildup and greasy buildup typical in...
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    Modification of my Truckmount

    I would really like to go to a dual wand set up for my Tile & Grout clients. Understand that 90% of my business is in commercial Tile & Grout. Most of my jobs average 2000 to 2500 sq ft of quarterly maintenance services so the buildup is not too bad, cleans easily. So here is what I would...