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    turbo seal

    Exactly the caulking most likely has to be replaced and if I can seal the cleaned grout lines that will make a brand new appearance will be profitable.
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    turbo seal

    Kewl that's what I am reading as well. Thanks for confirming it man I appreciate it so much. I am missing out some more work and income. I have the top 2 realtors in Ontario that's giving me tons of work, the only time I can't service their clients is the moldy shower places that the cleaning...
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    turbo seal

    Before I make a move buying this kit, I just wanted to check if anyone has used the turbo seal for the grout lines. I will only use them for shower places or some touch up for floor tiles to cover up some grout stains.
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    How much $$$ per hour

    I average $100 an hour, but this is not enough to save because high expenses for the last couple of years increase living costs. I will increase my prices right after we move to a normal state from this plandamic. I need to make $125-$150 per hour min. 10 years ago, when I have started my own...
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    Are carpet cleaners all the same in clients eyes?

    When the customers ask me which method I use, I tell them straight the carpet manufacturer's recommended method: steam cleaning (hot water extraction).
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    What’s best way to use sub-surface tools? (Water claws etc)

    I never used the claw since the unchained. What I do is simple, customers with pet urine, I add some unchained inside my pre-spray (one of the tmf labels), I pre-spray it and then rinse it with extra dry passes, I spray the unchained 1-1 after my cleaning. Never ever those urine stains have...
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    Nasty watermarks

    Possibly you have used a high ph cleaner on a cotton or linen fabric that left the ph too high gave this browning. I can see browning, no watermarks. If it was a cotton/linen fabric, you need to go back to correct it. It would help if you rinsed it with an acid rinse; the browning should come...
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    Cananda land is straight up gone

    It's weird, I never got sick not little either. Every winter I would get at least a soar throat or a runny nose or something like cold effects but nothing all for the whole winter. I am protecting myself so much so I don't show any symptoms , wearing a hat all the times even while working, I...
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    Cananda land is straight up gone

    We are still in the middle of the second wave, and the news started to talk about the third wave. Things don't look right.
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    Cananda land is straight up gone

    We Canadians are considered soft against our puppet government. We won't be violent like some other countries, France, the USA, Germany, etc. I mean, people take it to the streets and fight against the police. We almost don't have that here. Very peaceful people that won't lift a finger to fight...
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    Cananda land is straight up gone

    The bull shit case numbers are down here in Ontario and overall in Canada for the last 2 weeks. Next week our puppet Doug ford will announce the reopening plan. Hang in there. I am busier than ever. I never had busy winter months before. Our puppet Justin Truedue did something right by keeping...
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    I love this new Bonzer

    Although both tools are great what worked for me is the Bentley speed wand on residential open areas will speed my job. You will still need a wand on those tight furnished homes no doubt. Both tools got pros and cons. Some people will not like the handles of the bonzer it's a preference thing...
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    Kitchen tile walls

    Yes that's the thing that worried me the spray running or splashing on the counter top. Foam generating sparayer is a good idea. I will check out the tools that was mentioned.
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    Kitchen tile walls

    Yes that's the word I was looking for 'back splash' . Ok so sounds easy. I will try my stone backsplash at home first.
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    Why are carpet cleaners so “diversified”?

    I only clean what my equipment is capable of, such as carpets, tiles, upholstery, mattresses, and area rugs. That is it. I don't get into anything else because I find enough work with those I have listed above to keep me busy.