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    Crew leader won’t work in the rain...

    hes just trying to see what he can get away with. The big clue is the attitude. A bad attitude will spread like fire so you need to do something NOW. Dont know that I would fire him. there are other ways to get rid of the bad apples.
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    Going to all VLM

    so Chem Dry was VLM for a long time and now is HWE. What does that tell you?
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    So this is a first

    I dont have a disclaimer as this doesnt happen too often. What I DO have is an article written by an industry expert which explains in detail why it happens and give the customer a copy. I have never had to do a restretch in 40 years. Also I dont know how you would prequalify this as if it...
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    Unique business situation, how much should I ask to sell?

    sell it to Rob - fast. Its worth the equipment value only. Problem is that with all the information online now, anyone can start a successful company quickly if they are business orientated. you worked for property management companies which have a high rate of turnover so its worth - nothing...
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    Easy question - probably

    FJRST you need to understand the CLEANING and ODOR REMOVAL are two different chemistries. Cleaning products are designed to remove soil and do little to remove odor. Odor removal products are designed to eliminate odors and do little to remove soil. SECOND you need to understand that to...
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    Rat Nasty Review

    Robs chems are top notch. They make me look good!
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    So this is a first

    IDK, I thought it was the backing that buckled so although the carpet may be dry to the touch, maybe there is enough humidity in the backing to have it buckle. Id wait a few days before doing anything
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    Safety Door

    wouldnt be without one!
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    Carpet cleaning slip & falls

    i cant recall an incident but I was called about 15 years ago by an attorney we cleaned for. He had a client that had her carpet cleaned. It was a two person crew and one of the guys was a newbie. She was in the upstairs bedroom while they cleaned (which included the upstairs hall and steps)...
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    For those considering 'moving-your-business-online', what's the big challenge for you?

    main reason I started a website just couple years ago after being in business since 1981 was so that I could have a place to direct potential customers to view a video of the cleaning process. Explaining it on the phone people cant comprehend it but it works great to visually see it. I wanted...
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    Drummond 25gpm apo

    DIY pumpout - contact Bob Savage. He posted how to make one in a previous thread. surprised Rob doesnt sell it.
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    Unappeasable customers

    Yep, I agree. Dont remember having a bad customer like that but I did get a 1 star review. I just put my website up and went on google about 2 years ago. Seems a lady I cleaned for had an appointment 7 years ago and she left a 1 star review saying I never showed up. So I searched my records...
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    $15 • • • DESTRUCTION wage

    good point. And they are the ones allowed to stay open while the little shops have to stay closed.
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    why you should never buy a TM on Craigslist. Ive been posting here on the perils of buying a TM on Craigslist. In the ad this looks like a great machine, right? I certainly thought so until.....Im thinking......hey, they have a water softener which is a...