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    Restoration equipment for sale

    Thanks for the inquiry, but all equipment has now sold.
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    Restoration equipment for sale

    Hey everyone, I've got some Mitigation equipment for sale. Everything is in good shape (some brand new still in boxes). We are closing down the Mit. side of the business. inlcudes: 45 Centrifugal Air movers (Omni Dry 2.9) 5 Axial (Phoenix) 6 Radial (plus 1 old one) (Hydramaster/Phoenix) 4 Omni...
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    BARELY USED - Xtreme Xtractor Vac Pack

    Is this still available?
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    FB New flood pumper. 1700

    How is this working out for you?
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    Kleenrite flood Pumper Brand new

    It is the same one shown in the Pic, MegaX?
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    What best for water/flood extraction? Truck-mount or portable flood pumper?

    So no one has an answer to this? I am curious as portable/setup for extraction purposes only
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    Kleen Rite Mega Flood Pumper

    How old is this machine? You said never used for sewage.....would it work well for sewage? Do you know estimated shippping rates down to NM?
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    Fire Sale Opportunity

    W What’s a good contact number for you?
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    Restoration software?

    Cat 3, did you guys find a mitigation software that you enjoy?
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    How would I seal this?

    Thanks for the reply. Is this a hands and knees with a towel task, or is there a better way to clean sealer residue off of the tiles?
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    How would I seal this?

    The tiles show to bead moisture. I assume just the group needs a sealer(I have bulletproof on hand). Do i spray seal the entire surface and then wipe tiles clean? Thanks
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    Cube van or trailer?

    How long have you had your promaster? How do you have it set up (machine and hoses out the side or rear)? Fresh water tank? Do you think the 6 cylinder has enough power to keep up with the weight and not cause extra stress? All the feed back you have would be appreciated. Thanks