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    Newbie Looking For Hands On Training and Mentoring

    I am semi-retired, but do take on a few clients for training, mentoring, consulting. This is how I support myself now that I am too old to actively clean all day, every day. My fees are as low as $20 per month on a subscription plan which is very reasonable and affordable, even for a new...
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    comparying preload and flex with citrus

    THe slurry on top of mixed Flex powder does happen often. The main reason is too much mixing creates a physical separation of some components. Hardness of water has some influence. Try just a little mixing instead of thorough mixing. It should dissolve in the water easily. That is all that is...
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    comparying preload and flex with citrus

    Flex Powder is often used on ceramic tile. Some chose this so they have one less product to carry. Viper VEnom Powder is similar but with different surfactant made for grout rather than for fibers. Works even better,
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    How to remove brown stain from viscose rug?

    If the issue is only yellowing, a mist of 3% hydrogen peroxide can help. Maybe repeat if needed. Only treat the yellow area. Otherwise you may get some of the surrounding area too white. Often with animal urine there are other problems such as damage to the fiber or the glue that holds the rug...
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    What is the absolute best upholstery protector?

    I would consider either Advanced with Teflon for the best oil repellency and good repellency of water and dry soils or Maxim for Upholstery (the water-based version) which has better stain protection (from dyes in soft drinks and food) than the Advanced with Teflon. The Maxim for Upholstery...
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    urine stains

    Good Morning, Friends. Any email sent to my Interlink Supply or Bridgepoint email addresses will not go through since I retired. You can now reach me by my personal email - [email protected] Interlink Supply, Bridgepoint and Aramsco can still email out the file of my urine manual that was...
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    What chemicals will disinfect for Corona virus?

    major issues I see with folks using disinfectants - either for themselves or for customers - is dwell time. One product mentioned above requires 10 minutes dwell time. The surface needs to be wet for 10 minutes. That is pretty significant soaking. Spray and leave will probably give a 3 log...
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    Carpet Cleaning Supplier Master List

    Alabama Dixie Steamway 2618 Forrest Ave Gadsden, AL 35904 256-547-7527 Arizona Interlink Supply - Phoenix 3210 East Roeser Rd Suite 7 Phoenix, AZ 85040 800-720-0221 Interlink Supply - Tucson 1955 West Grant Rd Suite 245 Tucson, AZ 85745 877-467-3002 California Interlink Supply - Bakersfield 4834...
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    Understanding PH

    pH meter can be used to aid in determining what caused a spot or stain. It is also a great marketing tool. Few customers have ever seen their cleaner take a pH reading and customize the cleaning for their specific situation. It can also be used to check the real pH of chemicals both in the jug...
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    Quarry tile sealer

    A true sealer would penetrate the pores of the tile and make it easier to remove stains when cleaning time comes. A product that does anything to change the appearance of quarry tile would be a topical finish that leaves a layer of finish on top of the tile. This can make the floor...
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    I have no idea what is happening with Kleen Pro. However, I would be extremely reluctant to spend any money with a company that has had a phone disconnected. A definite red flag.
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    Rust Remover - Iron Remover

    Be very careful with the hydrofluoric acid based rust removers. They do work fast and work well but can damage many things and can cause significant harm if you get even a drop on you or inhale too much. T-Rust is safer but does work slower. It is still my choice. The word "iron" in the...
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    Can I steam clean this kind of fabric?

    That fabric can certainly be cleaned using hot water extraction and a truckmount. The more important questions are do you have the knowledge, skill, experience along with proper tools and chemistry to do so. Your lack of fabric identification concerns me. Perhaps additional training is in order...
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    Upholstery rince

    In short, the Fab-Set is a low pH but non-buffered product. There are no detergents, no surfactants of any kind. All ingredients 100% evaporate. So absolutely no residue. This can be helpful in correcting problems that respond to an adjustment in pH. It also is great for cleaning high end...
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    To seal or not to seal

    ACP may have a slightly different definition, but sealer contains a lot of water or solvent which will evaporate quickly (flash off). This leaves a very thin layer of polymer, the aqctual sealer component, on the tile. This does not stick to most tile and will wear off or can be buffed offed off...