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FB Free chemicals. Since I have reformulated...


Robert Allen

Free chemicals.

Since I have reformulated the entire TMF chemical line I have a lot left over products before the switchover. Don’t mind giving them out free to members (less shipping) by the case. Or what ever will fit in a large flat rate box. Especially to those struggling. You can mix and match items. If you like the idea please say so here and I’ll bring them all to front office, take pics and ship them to those who want them.

Here is a sample of Pure02 (OSR) cherry 8lb containers. We reformulated it with Citrus Solve added in just right amount. Why? Cleans better but also keeps my techs from wasting product using glug glug method. Oh and too much and you can’t rinse it out. So I got rid of that double whammy!

So these in pic are available, and if a box has room I’ll throw in some TMF Secret Formula and or Groutmaster depending on what we have on stock.

Micheal Villones

Rob Robert Allen I will buy bulk of phased out chems

Kevin Brown

I'm struggling all day long lol. especially any pet smelly good!

Greg Kirchner

I'm just starting out... Good chance to get me hooked on your product!

Philip Wallman

I'd be interested, specifically in the cherry 02. But maybe a mixed box too