Need help - What do you think of this Malish Bonnet?


Just got a 17inch floor machine and am getting started with encap for residential but primarily for commercial. I have a few questions I was hoping some bada$$ pros could answer.
Looking for an agitator and bonnet combo.
What do you guys think of this product?
It comes with a riser. Has anyone else used Malish? Is it good price for the concept or no.
What is a good post dry bonnet that absorbs well and wont break the bank?
Should I get 19 inch bonnets for my 17inch floor cleaner?
What would be a good list of products to get started doing encap/lowmoisture with my 175 Floor machine?
Am I on the right track with products - what would you recommend?

Sorry, another newbie with a buttload of questions. But I researched the forum for hours yesterday and couldn't find the answers for questions I had.

Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome!


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I've never used a dirt napper brush. Can't comment on that.

For a newbie, the simplest answer is excellent supply. DS2 and bonnets will take care of about 90% of anything you'll encounter.

Vacaway makes a solid product. BonnetPro has the best quality bonnets imo.

19" bonnets would be fine for a 17".


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Thanks @BrainStorm . That's cool to know you can get by without brushes. Your not a fan of the bonnet brush combo?
I've just never used it.

I don't like those type of bonnets that are used with it. It's hard to substitute other types because sizes aren't uniform.

For example, I can buy three different brands of 19" bonnets and all three will be slightly different sizes with about 2" of variation between the smallest and largest.

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Malish is a good manufacturer. Whether the Brush / bonnet combo is right depends upon the job. Certainly not what I would choose for every job, but it has its place.

While you are researching the product, you may also want to research the company you are purchasing from. They have been talked about a lot on TMF.

It pays to develop a good relationship with a local supplier who knows you r local market, can come to know your local business and answer questions with what is right for you. Of course, it does cost that distributor a few dollars to stock whatever you might need so you can get it when you need it and to provide the personalized support.


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