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Odorcide - 4 Steps to Odor Elimination

Mike Hershley

Oct 14, 2011
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Mike Hershley
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I have been using Odorcide but does not seem to work for me as well. I am not sure where I am going wrong. I have been mixing it 5 to 6 oz per gallon and the spray it on. When I leave the room smells great. Almost overpowering. Comeback 12-24 hours later and it is gone. I would not feel comfortable making a guarantee at this point.

The fragrance is not mean't to last. Odorcide's primary function is to eliminate the bad odor and result in a neutral or no odor situation. Are you still smelling the "bad" odor?


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Mar 21, 2011
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Works good but its over $100 a gallon in Canada. I had to find alternatives.
Its worth the money. Because of the price I charge a $100 min to use it though, so I dont get to use it as often as Id like. I buy @ 1 gallon every 3 months. My first client has to buy the Gallon and the next 6 clients pay my overhead and wages. I think that the price is inflated because they know it works the best, but I think the company would make more profit if they if they lowered it and went for volume. Id stock it if it was $60 gal. I dont buy quarts. lol.

Till then I still have Pros Choice OSR, Molecular Modifier, and some other products that work nearly as well for half the price or less. I use @ 2 gallons OSR, 3 gallons MM every 3 months.

I offer both as options to my clients.
1. Odorcide @ $0.40 sf/$100 min - but 100% Guaranteed. Always recommended on Invoice
2. OSR/MM @ $0.20 sf - No min As I always have theses stocked - Sold as effective on 95% of issues

I always include what most cleaners sale as DeO (airfresh and scents) in all of my cleanings. I let my client pick their scent/no scent.

Still Pros Choice must make @ $200 mo on me alone. haha. But I make an easy $1200-2000 of them :)

But with Odorcide Ive never had to refund on my guarantee, only re apply for 2 clients.
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Sep 4, 2007
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Jun 27, 2014
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Did get the sample pack and have been testing it out. I was really excited about it but for me the price is to high for the so so results.