Pressure Washer Recommendations


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Jun 18, 2018
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Edward Morrison
I have a model from BE pressure washer. It's electric but their gas models use high-quality pumps that you can do oil changes on yourself. They are not cheap plastic units like Karcher (had one that broke within a year). I personally like electric for detailing due to the constant start-stop nature, but can attest to the power of a gas model when doing housework.


Sep 28, 2019
Fairport, NY
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Pressure Caoch
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cleaning is one tiresome activity that most people put off until it becomes an eyesore. Especially if you’re cleaning things like a car, mossy patio or siding for instance that has layers of dirt. The dirt you miss could cause additional hygienic problems or damage to the surface.

Grime, dirt, mold, and mildew can all be tough to deal with if you’re using just regular cleaning tools, but with a Simpson Pressure Washer, you can hopefully get the job done with little time and effort.Fortunately, there are two or three brands who have perceived the need, and we've led tests trying to locate the best convenient washer for the family.Check Out Details Now !